Friday, November 6, 2009


Extending an invitation to all concerned citizens of Bangalore, to join a common platform to RECLAIM BANGALORE.

Bangalore is today, arguably one of Asia's fastest growing cities. We are also fast becoming the most polluted, the most congested, the most unsafe on the road. For all the public money spent on widening roads, building flyovers, increasing the number of buses, are we moving any faster, safer or more comfortably? Why are our roads some of the most unsafe for pedestrians in the world? What happened to Bangalore, the garden city? Are we a Sustainable City?

Its time for Bangalore's
civil society to find a way to engage in open and meaningful dialogue with our city planners and administrators. Time to jointly analyze problems and find solutions.

Yes, It's time.


Bangalore's first Unconference focusing on sustainable transportation solutions.

MobiliCity will bring together urban planners, policy makers, environmentalists and concerned citizens to:

  • Find a framework in which to assess our current trends in transport planning and policy in Bangalore
  • Look at best practices in urban transportation design around the world
  • Discuss the role of pedestrianisation, cycling, mass public transit and other low-carbon transportation alternatives in fostering sustainability
  • Promote free, open, goal oriented discussion amongst the city's civil society

How you can be a part of MobiliCity

  1. Write to us with ideas you have on this issue
  2. Register to lead a session / talk on any issues concerning sustainable transportation.
  3. Volunteer to help in organization of the event.
  4. Turn up at the event and just be part of it.

Date: Nov 21, 2009. Time: 9:30am - 5pm Venue: CiSTUP, IISc, Bangalore

For more details check out
Contact: Manjari Vishnoi
send a mail to:

Lets Reclaim Bangalore!
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